Thankyou very much Kaizon

To whom it may concern,

We used the professional services of Kaizon in dealing with Auckland Council and MBIE (Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment) with respect to gaining a retrospective Code of Acceptance Certificate. The team were very professional and knew in advance the information requirements in order to satisfy the ‘powers that be’. This significantly sped up the whole process and meant that the exact investigation of issues was completed, remedied and proposals satisfied.

Thankyou very much.
John Morrow

We know we can rely on the team at Kaizon

In the course of our work, we sometimes need to engage building surveyors to carry out assessments and timber framing certification work on various projects with our team. We had experienced varying levels of service, and then a colleague recommended the company Kaizon Ltd to us.

Immediately we could see the difference in the level of service provided by Kaizon. The team are all highly trained, with clear expertise and professionalism and the quality and speed of reporting was important to us.

Our clients have high expectations, and we’ve now found a reliable, successful company who can deliver this time and time again. We know we can rely on the team at Kaizon, and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Mark Campbell
Synergy Build Group Ltd

I highly commend Kaizon for their professionalism and expertise

After discovering we were living in a leaky home, we engaged Kaizon Ltd to assist us in remediating our house and in our claim in the WHRS tribunal.

In what was a difficult experience for our entire family, I highly commend Kaizon for their professionalism and expertise in the manner in which they guided us through the process. When looking at options for remedial work, their advise was always well considered, and always in our best interests.

In terms of the WHRS tribunal claim, the evidence compiled by Kaizon was extremely thorough in supporting our claim and in rebutting contrary evidence. All aspects of our claim were well documented and examined through the remedial work.

Our claim was successful in an unprecedented area of building science, and I believe the success can be wholly attributed to the assiduousness of the Kaizon team.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kaizon Ltd. It was extremely reassuring to have them on our side, knowing we were receiving the best advice and assistance possible.

Amit Malik

I have no hesitation in recommending your services

Hello All,

I write to you to mark the end of the journey in relation to our leaky home at 11 Hobson Heights Road, Albany. Today, the sale of the property is complete, albeit with the last minute traditional hitches. I would like to take this moment to thank all of you for your input in resolving this considerable challenge my wife and I faced. Our decision early in this piece to only use the best subject matter field experts to achieve the best result has been repeatedly validated.

I have no hesitation in recommending your services to friends and colleagues and have done so already. In the mean time we are relocating next week to Gladstone Queensland where I will be involved in the operational management of a large Liquifled Natural Gas export facility currently under construction. The future is very positive.

Thanks again,
Neville and Keryn Hardwick
Production Superintendent
Condamine Power Station
Upstream Operations

I would absolutely recommend using Kaizon to anyone

For the purchase of my first home, I used Kaizon Ltd. to undertake a property inspection as part of my conditional settlement. The team at Kaizon provided prompt, reliable and friendly service which made meeting tight negotiation deadlines a lot easier.

In addition, they took the time to go through the report and findings with me and clearly explain what everything meant and more importantly, what the potential implications to me were. Being new to home ownership, I really appreciated the time they took to give me sound advice regarding checking body corporate maintenance funds to protect my investment in the future.

As a result of findings in the report, I was able to use this information in the report to negotiate a percentage off purchase price so that I was able to replace the waterproof membrane and refit the bathroom (which did reveal an issue during the process). I would absolutely recommend using Kaizon to anyone wanting reliable and professional services for property inspections.

Best Regards
Daniela Westphal

Kaizon Limited are one of the leading weathertight consultancy firms

To whom it may concern,

Kaizon limited are one of the leading weathertight consultancy firms that oversee the leaky home remedial process from the initial investigation work through to the completion of repairs.

They have a very competent team of building surveyors and can provide a complete service from design and building consent documentation that includes a tender process and construction contract administration.

We have completed many projects with Kaizon to date and found their contract administration to be accurate and without fault and their on site knowledge in regards to timber analysis and decay to be second to none.

We would have no hesitation in recommending them and their professional services to any prospective client that requires an expert building surveyor that specialises in weathertight remediation.

Should you require further information on our dealings with Kaizon Limited, please call us.

Chris Davis
Forme Developments Ltd/Director

I would recommend Kaizon to anyone

Once we had established we had a leaky home and a case with the WHRS, our lawyer gave us the name of some companies that could handle the process from the remedial design through to completion. They told us they would need to do a preliminary report at the cost of $13,000 and that as our property, while classed as a stand alone another was the end one of three townhouses and they would only consider it if we got the other two on board with the process. Having already had a WHRS report we felt this was a waste of time.

We spent a deal of time and energy trying to get the other owners to join us. In the end our lawyer put us on to Kaizon. They said while it would be preferable if the townhouse next to ours was remediated at the same time they were experienced in such repairs. Neil provided a comprehensive quote with fixed rates for everything except the expert witness which is charged at an hourly rate. The process was seamless.

We do not live in Auckland so the whole process from the design, plans, building consent, tendering and project management was managed over the phone and by e-mail. I dealt with Paul directly and found him to be prompt in his replies. The process went as smoothly as such a ghastly and stressful situation could.

The re-build went well with Kaizon’s professional oversight. There was a slight over run of time but that was due to the extra wood having to be replaced. The company that won the tender did a good job and we are very pleased with the end result, we feel we have an asset again rather than a liability.

Kaizon was very professional in all their dealings. Neil runs a very efficient operation. His insistence on presenting a ‘clean quantum’ I am sure has helped develop the reputation that he has in this area. As we had reached a settlement with council the adjudication was straightforward and the full claim was awarded. Neil is very straightforward to deal with and I can see why he is respected within his profession.

I would recommend Kaizon to anyone who is facing the awful nightmare of fixing a leaky home.

Jill Robinson

We would like to say a big thank you to Kaizon

Once we found out that we had a leaky home we decided to remediate before going through the claims process. We engaged Kaizon to manage the remediation process, collect evidence as well as being our expert witness. It has been an extremely exhausting, stressful and difficult time for us; we highly recommend Neil & his team as their expertise in dealing with leaky homes meant everything went smoothly. We trusted Kaizon to handle the day to day issues on site; which gave us some breathing space and lessen the stress as we could rely on their knowledge and professionalism.

As for the mediation process, Kaizon had collected all the evidence required to support our claim. All of which were well documented, thus we believe strengthen our case. Neil was our expert witness; with his knowledge and credibility he was able to address issues brought up by other parties. We can assure you that the WHRS process is quite daunting, especially when other parties turn up with their expert witness and legal team. So having Neil, Paul and our lawyer there was crucial to the success of the claim.

We would like to say a big thank you to Kaizon.

Gail V

The evidence and professional expertise of the Kaizon team was pivotal to the success of our claim

As owners of a leaky home we have recently been awarded $407,000 in a Weathertight Homes Tribunal adjudication decision against the previous owners. This recovered all our repair costs and we are therefore delighted with the outcome. We engaged the Kaizon team to act as our experts.

We believe the evidence and professional expertise of the Kaizon team was pivotal to the success of our claim.

We would highly recommend the services of the Kaizon team to any leaky homeowner.

Richard & Hayley Tabram

Thank you again for your prompt and valuable service

Dear Neil,

I wish to record my appreciation of the report your firm prepared.

When I first received your quotation I was surprised it was a little more than other quotes but having seen the report and having a recognised Master Builder, now retired, who in the past did a number of reports himself, comment favourably – very favourably – on the extent of the investigation and recognition of the problems, I am more than satisfied with the value provided.

In the result we decided not to touch the property but I gather some other unfortunate has entered into a contract.

Thank you again for your prompt and valuable service.

Kind Regards
Trevor Watson Booth BSc, LLB

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