Operation and Maintenance concerns are any commercial building owner’s top priority

It has become increasingly important to commercial building owners to adequately prepare themselves for future maintenance and operational issues in order to support the life cycle of their facility and budget accordingly. Long term maintenance plans are complex and require a full range of building surveying skills. Kaizon’s team of tertiary-qualified, highly experienced specialists are recognised in New Zealand as industry leaders in commercial building surveying.

Protect your assets and be proactive

Regardless of the type of building you own or occupy, it will require diligent maintenance to ensure it achieves and hopefully, exceeds its anticipated design life expectancy. It is not wise to wait until an emergency occurs before scheduling repairs. Time becomes of the essence and you no longer have the luxury of comparing quotes or investigating services.

Thorough inspections… Accurate predictions

Kaizon’s team of experienced building surveyors are experts at accurately predicting what major works will need to be done and at what stage in the life span of your commercial or industrial property.  We will thoroughly inspect and assess all aspects of your commercial building and its maintenance requirements. We will enlist the assistance of specialist sub-consultants to provide relevant information on electrical, conveying, and mechanical services as well.

User-friendly & relevant reports

We have a solid reputation for accuracy, relevancy, and timeliness. Our thorough and straight-forward maintenance plans are carefully constructed to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Here at Kaizon, we are meticulous when it comes to providing our clients with information that will guarantee their success in their commercial venture.

Invaluable benefits

The benefit of such a programme is to ensure that parties meet their obligations, whether it is in terms of a lease agreement or simply a wise property owner ensuring that their assets are maintained properly. It is essential to have a budget in place that encompasses not just present issues but all possible maintenance concerns in the future. Our highly skilled experts are adept at planning a budget that allows their client’s to be financially prepared for the future as well as the present.

Increase longevity, prolong serviceability, & maintain/increase value

Regardless of property type or size, we are able to provide sound, cost-effective advice concerning on-going maintenance management. We will be able to ensure the durability and increase the longevity of the building’s important components, prolonging the serviceability of the building, and thereby, maintaining (if not increasing) it’s overall commercial value.

Get in Touch

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