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Many homeowners across New Zealand own a leaky home. At Kaizon, we have worked with hundreds of homeowners, ranging from those who are oblivious to the serious problems they face- to those who are all too aware of the issues of living in a leaky home.

Do you have a leaky home?

We have had vast experience in dealing with a wide variety of leaky homes of differing levels of complexity. Your home is particularly at risk if it has a monolithic cladding or if it has features such as decks, parapet walls, missing/inadequate flashings, and cracking to the cladding. In addition, if your home shows signs of internal dampness, you most likely have a leaky home on your hands.

However, many homeowners are unaware of the real issues with their building as leaks can be discrete and undetectable from the inside, but the damage to your property can be severe. The best method to determine if you own a leaky home is to have an assessment undertaken by one of Kaizon’s professional qualified building surveyors. We offer a range of assessments, depending on your requirements and budget, which can help determine if you have a leaky home and what needs to be done to restore your home to its former glory.

How to fix your leaky home

Usually, leaky homes require extensive remedial works to address their shortcomings, a process which is both daunting and expensive. Here at Kaizon, our experts have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the entire process.

Is it possible to recover the costs associated with repairing a leaky home?

It is often possible to recover costs from the people who were originally involved with the construction of your home. At Kaizon, we have industry recognised expertise in acting as an expert witness to assist you with achieving the financial settlement you deserve.

Weathertight investigations & assessments

Having completed hundreds of leaky building assessments – ranging from individual homes to large terraced housing and multiple apartment complexes, we have extensive knowledge of all weather-tight defects enabling us to undertake comprehensive assessments on all forms of construction.

We offer a wide range of weather-tightness assessments, ranging from preliminary visual surveys to full investigations, which involve the removal of sections of cladding to ascertain the cause, extent, and resultant damage of water ingress. Our detailed reports itemize the defects currently causing water ingress, the defects which are likely to allow future water ingress, and the breaches of the New Zealand Building Code that have occurred. We can also provide remedial works recommendations and can assist you in all aspects of the remediation process, acting as an expert witness to ensure your financial loss is kept to a minimum.

Weathertight remediation

We will work with you and guide you through the entire remediation process. At Kaizon, we understand that this can be an extremely stressful and confusing process for any home owner and our professional and experienced team will be with you throughout the experience, ensuring you receive the appropriate advice during the whole process. Our extensive understanding of the detailing and construction of buildings allows us to work with you and provide a correctly detailed and weather-tight scheme.

We can help you meet the aspirations for your property, ensure it is Code Compliant and eradicate any problems of the past. We will work with you during all stages of the weather-tight remediation process from the production of concept plans, obtaining building consent, administering the tendering process, and selecting of contractors to undertaking the works through to the project management of the actual remediation works.

Weathertight claim resolution

Unfortunately many homeowners across New Zealand have found themselves in the unfortunate position of owning a leaky home which often results in an expensive repair bill, one which many people cannot afford without claiming back some of the costs. At Kaizon we have the team in place with the expertise, experience, and proven track record to assist you and your legal advisors should you wish to recover costs from the parties involved in the inadequate construction of your dwelling.

We regularly work with a number of Auckland’s leading barristers and law firms in both the WHRS and High Court arenas, ensuring our clients achieve the optimum settlement from their leaky home claim. Our Building Surveyors possess an in depth knowledge of leaky home issues, the New Zealand Building Code, New Zealand Standards and associated documents and act as expert witness for a wide variety of clients.

The Weathertight Homes Resolution Service Financial Assistance Package

For further information about the financial assistance package visit the Department of Building and Housing’s website at  http://www.leakyhomes.govt.nz or call Weathertight Services on 0800 324 477 0800 324 477.


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